Social Media is now crucial for most businesses

Don't have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Google + yet? Too busy to maintain and update your pages? We can help.

Utilised as a marketing tool by a staggering range of businesses and industries globally, these sites have extensive visibility and popularity worldwide. And each should be used differently. You need to be there.

  • Active Twitter users grew by 40% from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012, this equates to
    288 million monthly active users on Twitter.
  • There are 4,321,005 articles available on Wikipedia.
  • 625,000 people join Google + every day.
  • 23% of users check Facebook 5 or more times per day. Helped by the fact that 50%
    of the UK population has a smartphone.
  • There are 200 million active monthly users on Instagram.

If you don't have the time or knowledge to then move things forward, Manage My Website is here to help.

We can do as little or as much as you require, from setting you up with a profile and issuing advice on where to go from there, to "ghost writing" regular updates for your business and ensuring you target your audience professionally and effectively.

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When it comes to Social Media Management we have to be a bit "cloak and dagger" for reasons of confidentiality. So below is a testimonial from a very happy, very real customer who can't be named.

To whom it may concern. There is little doubt that my company’s recent successes have benefited directly by utilising the skills and services offered by Manage My Website! With the most recent September launch of our new Shopify based website and the added links to Facebook. Instagram and Twitter all deftly orchestrated by Allie and her team of tech savvy chappies we have seen a phenomenal 800% growth in sales. Social media? It works for you! Thank you Allie and thank you Manage My Website.
— A full service Social Media Marketing client