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What we don't know about Squarespace
isn't worth knowing

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We're officially endorsed by Squarespace as
an Approved Specialist

  • Full control over your website with an easy to use and intuitive content management system
  • Blog, image gallery, social widgets and much more
  • Access to full visitor statistics
  • A unique mobile website, so that anyone can see your business anytime, anyplace, on any device
  • Excellent support, 24/7, from a team of people who know what they're doing

If this describes what you're looking for, Manage My Website can help by creating a Squarespace website for your business, blog or portfolio.

We've been Squarespace specialists since 2009.

Pricing starts at £1,300 or $2,000 for a simple site to get you started, or for something a little more complex just contact us for a quote and we'll get back to you.

Squarespace is a fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a website, and is used worldwide by all sorts of people - from business owners and photographers to doctors and record labels. In fact, its flexible platform can power sites of all sizes including e-commerce.

What's more, Squarespace gives you total control over your content and site customisation.

Of course there will be times when you're too busy running your business to maintain your website, in which case we would be happy to help out with keeping your site fresh, interesting and search engine friendly.

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We also offer Squarespace training - click here for more details.