Is It Time To Call The Website Paramedics?

manage my website first aid box

We have a question for you. Are you managing your website in the way you should?

The first thing to consider is why do you need a website?

  • To give customers and potential customers with further information about you?
  • To launch and sell your products and services?
  • To allow your customers to view your products, headquarters or team?
  • To relay important updates and news about your business?
  • To provide contact details?
  • To provide directions to get to you?

You've probably spent anywhere between £500 to £12,000 and upwards on your website. In order to make your investment work harder for you and save you money on print advertising and other more costly parts of the marketing mix, it's essential that you keep it up to date and interesting.

When I was looking for a recycled print cartridge supplier recently, one of the websites I looked at still had its Christmas 2007 opening hours listed! If your website is out of date and unloved, what does that say about the business? You could be missing out on vital new sales enquiries for the sake of a couple of hours of website updates each week.

Here are some website sins that are committed by thousands if not millions of companies:

  • Broken links
  • Out of date product or service details and images
  • Spelling or grammatical errors
  • Incorrect contact details
  • Incorrect directions
  • Out of date copy referring to awards or events from the past
  • "News" sections last updated in 2007
  • Out of date client listings or testimonials. Are they still your client?
  • Tired, uninspiring images throughout the site
  • Old photographs or details of employees and team members 

You need to focus on your website as much as possible to make it a useful sales tool, especially under the current economic circumstances. If you don't manage your website, talk to the person who does. Ask them to check any web directories that your business is listed in, while they're at it. You should be thinking about adding/updating:

  • New products and services you offer
  • Pricing
  • New images
  • Your news section
  • Your events section 
  • Your blog
  • Any awards you have received
  • Team updates
  • Contact details
  • New customer details
  • Testimonials

If you don't have time to manage your website and keep it maintained, Manage My Website is here to help. In fact it's the central service that we offer. Managing websites is our bread and butter, whether you need help once a year, once a month, once a week or once a day.

Why not contact us now for further information on our popular website management service?