a fresh, up-to-date website is an absolute essential

For most businesses, by the time you decide you need to make a change or addition to your website, it has usually become urgent. So the last thing you want to then be doing is searching for passwords, trying to get hold of your web designer, or working out the complexities of your content management system.

Manage My Website is a strong believer in letting you get on with your day job while we get on with ours. We guarantee that after a successful initial consultation with you and a good look at the mechanics of your website, we'll make every effort to ensure your updates are uploaded within 24 hours if not earlier.

You might want to add:

  • New stock details and pricing
  • Social media links and feeds
  • A daily news article
  • Press releases
  • New product details and specifications
  • Blog entries
  • Press coverage
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Videos

Whatever your requirements, and however occasional or frequent the updates, Manage My Website would love to hear from you.