get noticed by google with our SEO service 

Squarespace SEO Services

When it comes to search engine optimisation (or SEO) for Squarespace, we know our stuff.

Our specialist Squarespace SEO service will ensure that your website can be picked up and read easily by the search engines, and although we can't guarantee you a specific position in the rankings, you can be confident that you'll be recognised.

If we see something missing in terms of your content and your use of keywords, we'll flag it up and give you recommendations to fix it. 

This service includes checking and editing:

  • H1, H2 & H3 headings in your content

  • Page Titles and Descriptions

  • Suitable SEO friendly URLs

  • Tags and Categories for Blogs, Galleries and Products

  • Site Title

  • Image Labels - Alt Tags

  • Making sure that all your images are optimised for the web and load quickly

  • Registering your website with the search engines

  • Integrating Google Analytics if you'd like to keep track of your statistics

Pricing starts at £670* depending on what you need our help with. 

Contact us now for a quote, based on how little or much you'd like us to do. 

*Subject to amount of pages and content for each page. For non UK-based clients please contact us for a quote in your currency.

Allie approached me when I asked for some website/SEO help on Facebook Squarespace Photographers. She helped me by explaining what the issues were and she and the team were superb in their expertise. Allie was extremely helpful and every email was very friendly and informative and also she always gets back to me quickly! I shall look forward to working with Allie and Donna again. Many thanks!
— Darren Gritton Photography