Allie Astell

Allie Astell


I founded Manage My Website back in 2009, building our first ever website on Squarespace 5. Since then I’ve built and project managed more websites on this platform than I could ever have imagined and I'm also a Squarespace tutor for Guardian Masterclasses

What I love most about my work is the people I meet, both face-to-face and virtually. Many of our clients have also become friends. 

Born in Morocco to a Syrian mother and English father, as a child I travelled much of the world with my parents. The travel bug never left me. I currently base myself between London, England and
Dahab, Egypt.

Another major passion of mine is iPhone photography, some of which you can see here


Donna Bateman

Partner & Business Manager

After a varied career at the sharp end of public service, I joined Allie and MMW in April 2016.

I was attracted by the obvious passion and enthusiasm within the team, and the stunning, beautiful work they each produce. 

As my title suggests I’m the one that does a lot of the “boring” stuff in the background; when I’m not doing that I love being hands-on with web design projects and nothing makes me happier than when a new website goes live. 
I usually split my time between the UK and Egypt which gives me the best of both worlds – the calmness and serenity of Sinai combined with the urban buzz of London and my ever-improving home city of Birmingham. 

Joe Cory

Joe Cory

Squarespace Website Developer

I have always had an interest in creating things, from woodworking to creating websites. After I got my degree in Computer Science, I went looking for a job in Website Development as it allows me to design and code some pretty amazing sites.

Since finding Allie and the MMW team I have been traveling to various places around the UK and sometimes outside of it, working with clients face-to-face and delivering training on how to use these awesome sites.

I am always trying to push Squarespace to its limits and will always take on a task even if other people say it's impossible!

Ruben Paul

Ruben Paul

Squarespace Website Designer & Developer

With a background as a marine biologist and animal trainer, I would never have thought a static, computer-based profession like web development would be the profession for me.

On the contrary, working in this field has unlocked a freedom to travel that I never thought possible. I spend my time now travelling primarily between Texas, the UK and Egypt.

I have always had a deep love for computers and the internet, but web design has opened up a creative side of me that I wish I had discovered much earlier in life. A perfectionist at my core, I take great pride in crafting both visually exciting and functionally efficient websites alongside the rest of the Manage My Website team.


Kirsteen Mahmoud

Business Support

I spent over 15 years working in the travel industry in various roles including sales consultant, blogger and social media manager.

I have a real passion for travel and I’ve visited more than 50 fascinating countries all over the world.

Back in 2010 I had a life-changing holiday to Egypt as I met my wonderful husband. I now split my time between Dahab and London. 

I met Allie in Dahab and I started working for MMW in February 2015.

I love that modern technology means I can work from my laptop here in Egypt in the exact same way as I work from the MMW office whenever I’m back in the UK.  



Office Cat

I know absolutely nothing about web design, social media or online marketing.

I walked into Allie's garden one day as a young kitten and refused to leave, so really she had no choice but to keep me. I think she likes me now. 

I'm a great hunter, and I’m not afraid of big dogs. A Rottweiler lives near my house and I like to taunt it sometimes. I’m kind of crazy like that. 

I enjoy climbing, eating, and sleeping but occasionally you can also find me playing with chargers for important electrical devices and occasionally destroying them. My favourite food is Royal Canin Fit 32