Excellent service, very helpful throughout and always quick to respond to queries.
— Sarah Holland - LSH Professional Negligence (Squarespace Design)
Had a fab session with Allie Astell who made me feel that any question was valid and answered so that I understood. Looking forward to working with Manage My Website more in the future.
Allie works with you to find solutions that are achievable and fulfil your brief, even if your timeframe is a little narrow. I needed a basic Squarespace site revamped in a hurry involving coding, SEO, and design work. Very clear estimating process right from the beginning, and got exactly what I was after. 5 stars all round, helpful, friendly, professional.
I had created my own Squarespace site which looked lovely, but was basically unsearchable. Allie has done a rewrite of a lot of SEO stuff I didn’t really understand, so hopefully this will improve the site’s visitor stats. Allie was very professional from start to finish and I have a better idea of what to do going forwards. Allie was very professional, I didn’t get quotes from other providers so cant accurately rate pricing, but it seemed fair for the amount of work carried out. Looking forward to seeing if it improves stats, and if so will be getting further work done on the blog side.
Creating a new website can be a daunting experience, and even though Squarespace markets itself as being very user friendly, if you want to alter or customize a template, this can become a roadblock as was the case for me. Fortunately Squarespace connected me with Allie, and I am still completely amazed at how easy it was to was to get our site up and running with her help! I am extremely particular - Allie listened to every single minute detail with patience and grace. She never said NO to anything, but rather offered up solutions or alternatives if my request wasn’t possible. Our site was completed on time and at the budget we agreed upon and I couldn’t be happier with the result. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for help with their Squarespace website. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!
I worked with Allie on building a new website for our music service - Inspiring Music - Central Bedfordshire. This went from developing the style for the site, to preparing the navigation and then training to use the Squarespace CMS. Once Allie trained us we were able to get to grips with the content with plenty of support from Allie and the team. We delivered the project on time, on schedule and the service are delighted with the results. The Squarespace CMS is a joy to use and gives great flexibility for website design and can be tweaked with the help of Manage My Website to suit individual needs.
I was recommended the services of Manage My Website to make some changes to my Squarespace site. After a couple of useful and insightful Skype conversations it became clear I needed to up my game when it came to SEO. I can find my way around technology with the right pointers, so I asked Allie and the team to create an in-depth report on enhancing my site for SEO. Well! I could not be more pleased with the clear and concise information given back to me via the report. It all becomes clear once outlined by the experts, and that is exactly what Manage My Website are. I would still be staring at the screen if it wasn’t for them. Thanks so much!
— Amanda Eatwell (Squarespace Training, Squarespace SEO & Final Touches)
Thank you again to Manage My Website for updating and refreshing my site that they created 5 years ago - I love the changes and appreciated the regular updates and quick turnaround time for project completion.
— Christy Waterfall (Squarespace Redesign)
The service was excellent from start to finish. Allie Astell contacted me the day after my enquiry and arranged a 2 hour Skype call a couple of days later. The Skype call was very clear and helpful. I briefed her on my aims and problems with Squarespace in advance and she tailored her advice perfectly. She knows Squarespace very well, understood exactly what I wanted and was able to explain to me clearly how to set up the website myself step by step. I would definitely use Manage My Website again and would recommend them strongly.
— Ion Dagtoglou (Squarespace Training via Skype)
I am an owner of an early-stage technology company. We decided to move our website to Squarespace to leverage its simplicity. Moving to Squarespace ultimately enabled our development team to work exclusively on our software application rather than our site (which was constantly changing). My partner and I as company owners agreed to manage the Squarespace site for our team. Neither of us had any experience building or maintaining a site in Squarespace. We ultimately chose Allie and the Manage My Website team due to their pricing model and responsiveness to our initial inquiry. We had an excellent experience. Allie was collaborative throughout the entire process and was quick to respond (often later in the day) to the multiple questions we had as we learned Squarespace. Her design choices were thoughtful and pragmatic. She mostly framed the entire site out in a couple of days with little direction from us to include content and images.

I would highly recommend Allie. I know that we will continue to work with her.
— Henry Moore - REsimplifi (Squarespace design & build)
Allie and her team at Manage My Website did an excellent job putting my project together! They were always readily available and extremely accommodating even though all the work was done online overseas. The process was very smooth, efficient and exciting. It was obvious from their website and from the discussions we had early on that they would be a great fit to put everything together for us. I am very glad I trusted them and hope to work with them again in the future as website options continue to grow!
— Erol Yildiz - Creative Director at North Berkeley Design and Construction (Squarespace design & build)
I find working with the team at Manage My Website an absolute joy! Allie and her team really understand a brief and I am looking forward to next steps for project no. 2!
— Marcia's Kitchen (Squarespace development and maintenance)
I found the level of service excellent from start to finish.
— Shane O'Neill - ResEquity (Squarespace design and build)
I found working with Manage My Website such an enlightening and interesting journey. Not only did I get a fantastic website that I am incredibly proud of, throughout the process, I also learnt a lot about who I am as a coach and how I want to position myself professionally. Allie was extremely patient and full of inspiring ideas and guidance. I would recommend her and the team in a heartbeat.
— Shereen Hoban Coaching (Squarespace design & build)
We have been delighted with the services provided by Manage My Website. From the initial discussions, all the way through to final deployment, Allie and her team have been responsive and extremely helpful. In conjunction with our internal team, they have helped transform our website. Communication was excellent throughout and the technical delivery was of a very high standard. Being able to engage them on a consultancy basis in addition to helping with build was also very useful. We look forward to continuing relationship. Highly recommended.
— Miles Dennis - 4Most (Squarespace consultancy & Squarespace coding)
Paid for three hours individual tuition in building a Squarespace website. I found Allie’s teaching method was relaxed and informative. By the end of the three hours we had about 70% of the total development completed. I had brought all photos and text files and a wire frame so this expedited development. Once home I was able to use what I had learnt to explore new areas of Squarespace. I then had a couple of Skype sessions with Allie to solve problems and go live. An enjoyable experience.
— Susan Ogden - Piano Teacher (Squarespace Training)
Allie approached me when I asked for some website/SEO help on Facebook Squarespace Photographers. She helped me by explaining what the issues were and she and the team were superb in their expertise. Allie was extremely helpful and every email was very friendly and informative and also she always gets back to me quickly!

Thank you so much Manage My Website for such an amazing job on updating my website! I would highly recommend Manage My Website! I have no hesitancy in using this service again! I shall look forward to working with Allie and Donna again! Many thanks!
— Darren Gritton Photography (Squarespace website tidy-up and SEO)
Manage My Website provided a first class service in helping design our legal website. The service was quick and user friendly and the quality was excellent. We’ve had many compliments regarding our website and people have been amazed what we achieved with a relatively small budget.
— Alistair Stewart - Loney Stewart Holland (Squarespace design and build)
I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Manage My Website. I created a rough website for Flock in Squarespace and they then tweaked the design and functionality so that it worked perfectly. They listened to what I needed and supported me through the whole process.

It’s reassuring to know that they are available for ongoing tweaks and additions to the website as and when I need. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
— Louise Turner - We Are Flock (Squarespace website development)
I had already setup my website on Squarespace, but needed to take it to the next level. I wanted to customise the site to fit my company’s look and feel, and needed to get my head around how SEO works so that people could find my website.

Allie and Ruben at MMW were brilliant. I loved the idea of having Skype training, and both were very sensitive to ensure that they met my needs exactly. The training was great, and beyond that, the team has been super responsive to my follow up questions. I would highly recommend the team at Manage My Website to anyone. I’m sure I’ll be back for more at some point.
— Eissa Khoury - Ikigai (Squarespace Skype training)
Thank you for doing such a sterling job creating my new website. Nothing was too much trouble, everything I asked you to do, you did! Can’t recommend you enough! Thank you.
— Hilary Moore Food Photography (Squarespace design and build, CSS and coding)
Allie and her team have been brilliant throughout the project, and delivered exactly what we were after.

The whole process was well planned and managed, thank you and well done!
— John Withers – MD Intercity Reliant (Squarespace design and build)
At last! It has taken me a long time to find the right company for my website but I finally got there!
I would definitely recommend Manage My Website. They are very professional, proactive and a pleasure to deal with.
— Vincent Reed Period Woodwork (Squarespace design and build, blogging)
Had a 1 hour skype meeting with Allie as a self taught website admin. She was concise, fun, jargon free and explained everything very clearly. It has given me the confidence to go to the next level and I will be back for some more learning.
— Bill Moody - MakeBelieve Arts (Squarespace Training)
As a keen Squarespace user I encourage a lot of my photographer clients to build their own sites with their templates too. But the problem is a template site can sometimes be limiting- not when you have Manage My Website in your corner!

The clever coding and design solutions they have offered my clients to help customise their Squarespace site is fantastic.

Manage My Website are friendly, experts in their field and totally on hand whenever I need them.”
— Emma Taylor - Creative Advice Network (Squarespace website for Photographers with CSS and Coding)
I approached Allie and the team at Manage My Website to help me build a more bespoke Squarespace website. Not only were Manage My Website cost effective, they offered excellent expertise in coding specialist area I required for my site.

Every email, meeting and phone conversation was friendly and informative.
— Steve Hoskins Photography (Squarespace design, build & CSS coding)
I worked with Allie and she was really helpful and got back to me quickly and efficiently every time I contacted her.

Highly recommended service!
— Larry Rundell (Squarespace Guardian Masterclass Training & Consultancy)
Working with Manage My Website has been so easy and fun. I was originally quite intimidated by the idea of building the right type of website for my needs, but they made the whole experience a total pleasure and the end result was just stunning!
— Camilla Ainley - Return To The Source (Squarespace design and build)
Manage My Website have done a great job revitalising my website for Bedouin crafts. The presentation is really fresh and lively with the most amazing photography and a totally innovative approach to product display. Allie Astell was - and is - a constant source of friendly help combined with smart professionalism. Would not hesitate to recommend Manage my Website - in fact I have already done so!
— Andrea Seager - Bedouin Crafts (Squarespace design and build)
Working with Manage My Website was so much easier than I could have imagined. They not only took my guidance, direction and feedback well, they did so in such a timely manner. This is my first site and I had no clue what I was doing and I honestly couldn’t be happier in how it turned out. The support is really incredible. I had a 1 hour Skype session teaching me how to manage the site myself afterwards along with questions here and there even after. Oh and, they made my logo and designs as well! Great experience all around.
— Bianca Bolouri - The Giddy Life (Squarespace design and build)
Manage My Website helped create a wonderful website for my new business, and guided me through the process from start to finish, with lots of friendly communication throughout. Allie in particular was extremely helpful and I can’t praise her enough. Everyone who has seen my website agrees that Manage My Website have done a wonderful job.
— Robin McIntyre - Sovereign Framing (Squarespace design and build)
Manage My Website have been brilliant. Working to deadline, providing extra information and design ideas. The service was professional from start to finish, and it was really good to work with Allie. Living Space Project has worked with other website companies before, but from now on Manage My Website will be my preferred partner.
— Maria Adebowale-Schwarte - Living Space Project (Squarespace design and build)
Thank you so much Manage My Website for such a fantastic job updating my website. Thank you for all of your technical support and hard work. Best wishes Ellie.
— Ellie Lines - Fashion Designer (Squarespace development and maintenance plus Mailchimp email template)
We worked with Allie.
She was brilliant from start to finish.
— Jack Eames - Fashion Photographer (Squarespace development & training)
Slick and smooth, the service offered by Manage My Website was superb from start to finish. Allie and Ruben were great at providing advice and ensuring that my website works a lot harder for me and also offered a range of options for future optimisation.

I later had my entire website rebuilt by Allie and I cannot be more pleased with the outcome.
The creativity, speed of response and all-round professionalism really impressed me and I have recommended Manage My Website to other colleagues and contacts. Highly recommended.
— David Alexander - Calacus PR (Squarespace design and build)
Allie was fantastic putting together the design of our website. She was highly attentive, had a great eye for detail, had great communication skills and responded with meaningful suggestions.

Above all, Allie created a beautiful product for our company at a reasonable price.

I would highly recommend Manage My Website.
— Charlie Armstrong - Opulen (Squarespace design and build)
Allie did a fantastic job sorting out a website for my bathroom installation company, she was so patient dealing with someone who only knows computer basics, and always replying very quickly to my endless questions.
— Roger Stead - Artizan Bathrooms (Squarespace web design and build)
Allie at Manage My Website has been great to work with. From first contact, she has been helpful in helping to design and create my website and has had very useful suggestions for branding. I have been very pleased with the look of the site and am looking forward to working with her to help publicise my business.
— Dan Kolubinski - Connection (Squarespace web design and build)
Allie has been a tremendous support throughout. I have valued her guidance, creativity, encouragement, (patience!) and efficient response throughout. I would have no hesitancy in using this service again. Many thanks.
— Emma Thom - The Mindful Choice (Squarespace web design and build)
Allie at Manage My Website has been fantastic throughout the whole process of updating myself and my husband’s websites. We’ve been very particular about what we want and Allie has delivered above and beyond for us. We’re very pleased with the results and have had great feedback from our friends and colleagues. Excellent value for money and a very professional and attentive service. I would happily recommend Manage My Website to friends and colleagues.
— Madeline Addy & Mat Bryant (Squarespace website design and build)
Manage My Website created a website for my fitness business as I am setting up new outdoor training sessions. From the very start Allie was so helpful and professional. She immediately understood the style I was looking for and anticipated my requirements. Allie was friendly, but professional at all times and she answered all my silly technical questions with patience and kindness. The finished product is exactly what I was hoping to have and I cannot recommend Allie highly enough. The whole experience was a joy and painless thanks to Allie.
— Kate Burles - Exercise Easy (Squarespace website design and build)
We are a small Parent Group who over the last 4 years has seen our organisation grow from strength to strength. Finding a website designer who can keep up with our needs as we grow and develop has been a challenge for us. We are delighted to have now found Alex and her team. The demands of our organisation means we need to constantly redesign and change our website to reflect the work we do. Alex always gives us the details we need to complete the work in a timely manner and most importantly to us is reliable. Thanks Alex.
— Rachel Truman - South Glos Parents & Carers (WordPress website maintenance contract)
An outstanding service. Easy to work with, understands the scope of the job provides valuable advice, able to troubleshoot and find solutions. Quick response to emails. Highly recommend.
— Hamid Daya - Ent4Kids (Squarespace website design and build)
My website was built beautifully. Service was prompt, professional and courteous, yet still personable. I’m very happy with the results and would highly recommend.
— Elizabeth von Nardroff - American SAT Tuition (Squarespace website design and build)
Manage My Website redesigned our website and moved it over to squarespace. They were efficient and delivered the project in budget and within the timescales we needed. We were pleased with the result.
— Helen Kerridge - Centre For Better Health (Squarespace website design and build)
Excellent prompt service and after sales service. Good knowledge of new products and swift application. I have no hesitation in recommending Manage My Website.
— Lizzie - Huntstile Organic Farm (Various WordPress updates, changing website to become fully responsive)
I highly recommend this company for anything to do with website development. I had an existing website which was a little tired and out of date. Working with Allie and her team was an absolute pleasure. She made a very large and daunting job seem quite easy. Nothing was a problem. The team are quick and responsive and they managed to sort out the 1500 different products I have for sale. I will personally be recommending their services to anyone I know who is looking to upgrade or start a from scratch in the world of web design and management. A very happy customer!
— Alexandra May Jewellery - (Shopify website design and build)
If you are serious about your business, you will need a great website and that’s what Allie From Manage My Website does.
— Demian Bellaart - The Chapel Forge (Squarespace website design and build)
I asked Alex to touch up and add a more professional feel to our site. What we got was above and beyond our expectations. Probably the best service I have used in a long time.
— Chris Ferguson - Village Dental Practice (Squarespace website design and build)
Manage My Website produced a new website for my company from scratch. I met Allie and we went through the various options available and discussed what I was looking for. We agreed a final brief and costings all of which was completely transparent and clear. The process went very smoothly and I was involved at every stage. My drafts and re-drafts of content were always incorporated and any suggestions I had for changes in layout or visuals were accepted and included. Allie accessed appropriate stock photos for me and arranged for appropriate artwork for the logo to be commissioned. Allie also managed the organisation of a new company email address and helped out straight away when I was having difficulty with the final set up of this. The finished website is perfect - exactly as I had envisaged it.
— John Beighton - Exemplary Outcomes (Squarespace website design and build)
I can’t say enough good things about Ms Astell and her work. I knew I wanted our website to have a new look but I wasn’t sure where we wanted to go with it. A friend recommended Allie to us and we are so grateful that she did. Allie was very perceptive. After asking us a few leading questions, she was able to immediately grasp what we would like and very soon after, she had some samples for us to look at that totally captured what we were looking for. She was fast, affordable, and very professional. She was also very responsive and made me feel a part of the entire process. On top of that we don’t spend any money for updates as we can do it easily ourselves. We are very pleased with her results and highly recommend her to anyone who wants a website they can be proud of!
— Valentino Legio - Deep Into Soul (Squarespace website design and build)
I found Allie and Mark to be very professional and above all very helpful. I only had face to face contact with Mark and found his expertise in branding to be the thing I was looking for. Mark’s comment about my original website in that it was a mind dump was spot on. Their service is really exceptional in a world full of what I would call marketing b***s***. Mark was very patient with me and deserves a medal.
— Terry Donovan - Terry Donovan Consulting (Squarespace website design and build)
We asked Manage My Website to build a simple site based on a short product brief. Allie and her team did a superb job, especially in their creative input on the branding and the text. Our product ended up sounding as good as we know it is! We found Manage My Website excellent in their creative approach given our relatively small budget. We also found them very flexible in coping with our changing requirements throughout the project, and timely in their turnaround of each phase.
— Dominic Pilbeam - My Web Accounts (Squarespace website design and build)
Alex has just made my company a perfect website to suit my needs. We had great communication throughout. She listened to all I had to say and also had some great ideas. I’m really happy I chose Manage My Website and Alex. I will most certainly recommend her to anyone who needs a website and look forward to working with her again.
— Steve Bradley - SJB Motor Services (Squarespace website design and build)
We required some urgent specialist editing to a Squarespace website project. It was carried out without fuss and to perfection and all in a cheery manner. We couldn’t ask for more. We now know where to come for future site edits and expert advice. Brilliant.
— John Dyer - Spot Reels (Squarespace website development)
Manage my Website built my website for my design business, I had very specific ideas about what I wanted so I found Alex’s professionalism, solution finding approach, quick responses (even while she was abroad) and flexibility were very much appreciated in the process of building my website. The customer care doesn’t stop at the website being launched either as I have every confidence that I would be able to approach Alex if need be with any questions or queries in the future and she would be happy to help. For such a great price I am very happy with the professional service I received and of course the final website.
— Lea Lloyd Designs
(Squarespace website design and build)
I used MMW to freshen up my one-page microsite and turn it into a fully functioning website. Allie Astell was well informed, professional and had a keen eye for detail. Any issues I had were ironed out very quickly, and we remained well within the 2 week turnaround time I’d set. I also was provided with a training session on Skype so I can now manage the website myself after going live. I’d thoroughly recommend handing the baton over to Allie and MMW for any web project.
— Daisy Chapman
(Squarespace website design and build)
Allie has just updated and revamped my website and I couldn’t be more pleased! She is easy to work with and very patient as it is hard to know exactly what you want, or don’t want, until you see it in front of you - I gave her endless tweaks and she understood completely what I required.

I would always use Allie and Manage My Website for design, and I recommend the company to anyone wanting a professional looking site.
— Miranda Dawe - Actor
(Squarespace website redesign)
Allie at Manage My Website recently updated my website and has done a fabulous job, she answered my questions as quickly as possible and has also given me some ideas about layout and marketing. The aftercare is has been brilliant and I couldn’t be happier.
— Sarah Haynes Gemstone Jewellery (Big Cartel website development and Facebook Ads advice)
We are very happy with Manage My Website, and as far as we are concerned MMW stands for Marvelous, Magnificent and definitely Worth it!

We had our website built by MMW just recently, and we are so happy with our shiny new website, which has definitely seen an increase in enquiries and new customers since we went live. We wanted a site that we could keep updated ourselves, managing the content easily as well as a super fresh new look and that is exactly what we got.

Allie was amazing and always there to advise and help whenever needed, always giving more and going that extra mile. And Mark, well he was just super, creative, efficient and took every little bit of feedback on board delivering exactly what was asked on any request. Super creative, super helpful and super marvelous. Thanks Manage My Website… we definitely think the whole world should use you! Big Blue Dahab Dive Resort :)
— Lyndsey Williams Elemam - Big Blue Dive Centre, Dahab (Squarespace website design and build)
Alex Astell from Manage My Website worked on the design and build of my freelance make-up artist website at

Alex was recommended by a friend who had also had positive interactions with Manage My Website. Alex responded very quickly to my initial email with a comprehensive summary of what could be achieved within my budget, as well as clear guidelines on the timescale and how the process would work.

I was continually impressed by Alex’s communication and quick responses throughout the process. I also appreciated Alex’s collaborative approach to web design, taking time to understand my requirements and sharing the vision of the finished design. Alex made the web hosting process very straightforward. The complete website was completed and launched within the expected timeframe, without complications and within budget.

Alex exceeded my expectations all the way - I should add that I am a perfectionist with a background in customer service and I have very high expectations! :-).

Overall, I highly recommend Manage My Website and I am delighted that my friend recommended Alex to me.
— Christy Waterfall - Freelance Make-up Artist (Squarespace website design and build)
Allie Astell at Manage My Website was given a brief description of our vision for a new website, along with some literature and images. From this she created a website far beyond our expectations. This has already resulted in a positive knock on effect. We at Villa Mimosa would have no hesitation in recommending Manage My Website if you are looking to develop and expand your business.
— Denise Rowe - Villa Mimosa, Sicily (Squarespace website design and build)
Manage My Website have provided a project management service for a number of our websites and I have always found them to be professional, reliable and extremely organised. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex and her team and I will definitely be using their services again.
— Michael Clarke - Moda Commerce
(project management)
The advice offered by Alex and her team was excellent and the finished product was better than we had hoped. The aftercare was also prompt and very useful in the upkeep of the website.
— Ren - Old London Road Tattoos (Squarespace website development)
Manage My Website made creating my website so easy. After supplying some information that I thought essential and some photos, they worked their magic and came back with what I feel is an exceptional site. Check it out.
— Phil Rogers - Manage My Garden (Squarespace website design and build)
I asked this company to tidy up my website and make it look more professional. We agreed the work that was required as well as a price, and everything was done quickly and efficiently. Alex explained how I could make certain changes myself in the future, and this was a great help. I definitely recommend the company to others, as I have had no problems at all.
— Russell Hayes - Under The Street (Squarespace website development)
I booked a 1-2-1 social media and web analysis training session with Allie of Manage My Website after seeing her company on the HSBC Banking website where she had written some very good advice for companies and their websites. I was not disappointed, the training was second to none and I have learnt so much that I am already putting in into practice with my business. Everything was explained in a way that I understood plus lots of great tips were given too. I have no hesitation in recommending Manage My Website, in fact I only wish I had found them sooner.
— Andrea Fletcher - Be Paws I Love You (social media training and website analysis)
Manage My Website have created and built the most visually stunning children’s party website, with fully functioning ecommerce, for my new business, The Party Pirate. The fee was very reasonable for the amount of time and work that was put in. Alex and her team could not do enough to help and the quality of the website is truly exceptional. Within its first week of launch, The Party Pirate won a Women on Wednesday award from business woman, Jacqueline Gold. I cannot recommend Manage My Website highly enough for quality, service and value for money.
— Tamara Sturtz - The Party Pirate (branding, ZenCart website design and build)
Alex spent two hours walking me through the potential minefield of social media and how to optimise my existing web presence. I now actually feel like I know what I have to do (even if it does mean tweeting!) to get more fans, followers, customers and acolytes. An extremely worthwhile and cost-effective exercise which will yield fast results.
— Chris Samuel - Partner - Singing with Attitude (social media training and web analysis)
I contacted Allie to set up my website (TeaseMaid) which reviews places to go for afternoon tea. She was always available to answer all my queries (no matter what time day or night) and also provided design and print of my ‘calling cards’ and logo. Despite having a limited budget Allie treated me as a valued customer. I can’t rate MMW highly enough! Allie how do you do it?!!
— Lisa Budd - Teasemaid (branding, Squarespace website design and build, business card design)
I cannot praise Alex and Mark enough. When we asked Alex to revamp our website she was more than happy to help and totally understood our needs. What a brilliant job. They are fast - and I mean really fast, efficient and provide a totally stress free service. We are delighted with our new site and will be happy to recommend to anyone who needs a web design service.
— Fiona Dunwoodie - One North East London (branding, WordPress website design and build)
I contacted Manage My Website to help me get a website for my business with no experience of how to create a website or how long it would take. Allie put me at ease from the moment we met and listened to what I liked and didn’t. Allie project managed for me from getting a blog designed and having the site built. She kept me informed at all times on how things were going and helping with suggestions. More often the team were waiting for me as I was slow to respond. I always felt completely at ease and have recommended Allie to anyone who has asked. Thanks to her and her team.
— Karen Lamb - Village Green Soaps (branding, packaging, photography and ZenCart website design and build)
I contacted Alex on a recommendation from a friend and the service has been wonderful. I know absolutely nothing about website design and Alex made it all easy and straight forward - she was very patient! I can’t recommended her enough.
— Miranda Dawe (Squarespace website design and build)
I have been working with the Manage My Website team over the past six months or so. They have all been exceptional in their work and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Allie has been extremely supportive, working 24/7 and is full of advice and ideas. The website they have created for me has exceeded my already very high expectations. Their service was outstanding. I can recommend Manage my Website to anyone who is planning to create an online business.
— Anja Hubrath - BettyLicious (branding and ZenCart website design and build)
Finding Alex was a huge relief. She managed to bring my designs to life and understood immediately the market we were targeting and what was required. She offered several invaluable hints and tips to enhance our online profile. She worked very quickly and professionally and I would recommend her highly for projects of any size.
— Catherine Barrett - The Beeches Homecare Services (Squarespace website design and build)
We contracted Manage My Website to re-design our website and also to assist us in our longer term marketing strategy, the initial part of which was the creation of a professional and targeted HTML campaign to our existing clients. The HTML email campaigns, of which we have now run three, were expertly created and sent to our client with minimal fuss. The reporting process all provide was excellent. Our three campaigns went to a select number of prospects totalling no more than 50 businesses and we have already generated sales well in excess of £20k with plenty more in the pipeline. In short, MMW is a fantastic addition to our business and we only see our relationship with MMW growing in the months and years to come.
— Declan Gaule - MFG Group (MailChimp HTML marketing emails)
Alex carries out copywriting for my company on an ongoing basis. The quality is exceptional and is offered at a fair price and provided in a timely manner.
— Ben Hirst - Horizon Platform Sales (copywriting for website and SEO articles)
Allie helped us rebrand and launch a new website on a very short timescale and extremely efficiently. We are very satisfied with the result.
— Ashwin Matthews - The Centre For Better Health (branding, WordPress website design and build)
“Manage My Website, as fronted by the delightful Allie Astell, have created on my behalf the most wonderful website. They also run and manage links with social media sites which continues to spread awareness of my brand. Their efforts have enabled me to launch the now hugely successful range of Captain Fawcett’s gentleman’s grooming requisites. Manage My Website’s friendly, professional care and attention to detail have resulted in a brilliant, fun advertising campaign. Thank you!”
— Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax (Shopify website design and build, social media marketing, PR)
Alex was exceptional and has done a fantastic job on our new website. Everything we asked for was more than we expected and the site looks great. We are more than happy with the final results.
— Tim Simpson - PTS Hire (ZenCart website design and build)
Manage My Website stepped in when I needed a new site for my series of mad fund-raising events. They always replied to my emails really fast, asked my advice on anything and were always polite and friendly. They even got the entire site done to a brilliant standard in just one day! What can I say? Some of the best customer service I have EVER experienced!
— Matt Malone - Year of the Mad (branding, Squarespace website design and build, charity sponsorship)
From initial telephone request through to the website going live was staggeringly fast, in fact less than a week. I was amazed that the designer was working on my site on a Sunday and very early in the mornings the rest of the time. Communications were simple and jargon free, things were explained clearly and in a friendly, approachable way. I asked for the site to be live by a certain deadline and it was completed way ahead of schedule. Changes were made almost instantly and I’ve got a very exciting website as a result. Furthermore, Manage My Website proceeded to publicise my site through Facebook and Twitter half an hour after going live. A fantastic friendly service, what’s more, I have full control over future changes giving me superb value for money. Well done!
— Sarah Mallabar - Mallabar Film (Squarespace website design and build)
Manage My Website was recommended to me by a friend after a bad experience with another web designer and I have to say they have exceeded all my expectations. They have worked quickly to design me a new logo and website whilst working within my budget and requirements and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The communication was fast and Allie has always been on hand to answer any questions or concerns I may have. Overall a fantastic and friendly service!
— Julia Duroe - Alternatots (branding, Squarespace website design and build, Wazala integration)
An outstanding service. I didn’t have a clue about how to create a website but Manage My Website made the whole experience so easy and completely stress free. Nothing was too much trouble and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. It is just what I wanted. I would recommend them without a doubt.
— Grace Barmak - happy g (Squarespace website design and build)
We asked Manage my Website to produce a new brand and website for our retro sweet shop, Swirleeze. Exceptional service throughout the whole operation and even though I am as technical as a cup, I found the whole team extremely clear and concise. Allie is always available for advice - really cannot recommend high enough.
— Molly Crisp - Swirleeze (branding, ZenCart website design and build, packaging design)
Using Manage My Website made the whole process of building my website a smooth and easy to understand process. Alex is personable and easy to talk to on a matter that I had no experience with previously. Nothing was missed and as a consequence I have a fantastic website. I cannot recommend more highly. Money well spent.
— Denise Law - Law & Company (ZenCart website design and build, Blogger and MailChimp template setup)
Manage My Website held my hand through every aspect of designing and building my new website. They are the perfect balance between friendly, helpful and efficient. They helped out in every area and always went beyond my expectations. They went out of their way to listen to everything I wanted and packaged it up perfectly. I would highly recommend them to anyone who dislikes dealing with a faceless company and who would like to be treated as a person rather than just an account.
— Claudia Kapp - Deadly is the Female (branding, ZenCart website design and build)
I wanted a very simple landing page to act as a signpost to various other projects I run. The page was up and running no less than one week after my initial brief, which was fantastic. The result was on-brand, with very few amends required. Thank you MMW!
— Daisy Chapman (website design and build)
I can not thank Alex enough for the help and support during the design and implementation of our website update. She captured the very essence of our company during our meetings and managed to display this within the design of the new website. I would not hesitate to recommend Manage My Website.
— Mourad Tahari - Aston Interiors (Squarespace website design and build)
The service offered by Manage My Website has been very good since our first meeting, understanding our company needs and assisting with updates once we went live. We had to re-think some of the new website and its contents since our original planning meeting, due to some of our initial requirements not being possible, but this has led to improvements in SEO and website performance.
— Kevin Corbett - Griffiths Hire Shops (ZenCart website design and build)
We contacted Manage my Website when we realised that our website needed updating and refreshing. We also wanted to improve our search engine optimisation. From the very first contact, Alex has been brilliant. She is enthusiastic and full of ideas as well as being knowledgeable. The first stage of our update was handled promptly, professionally and efficiently and we look forward to working with Alex in the future.
— Sally Haselton - The Halo Clinic (website updates, SEO assistance)
Manage My Website have built me a brand new site for my custom made stools and chairs. I was extremely pleased with the quality and speed of service, as I had been waiting for 8 months for a friend to build my site. Alex built mine within 3 weeks! She has also added me to online directories and set up an email account for me, as well as organising the design of my logo and business cards. I would recommend Manage My Website to anyone wanting a professional, friendly service.
— Roger Cox - (branding, Squarespace website design and build, Wazala integration, print design, SEO assistance)
Manage My Website have helped us greatly from the word go with a new fresh approach and style to our website. Nothing has been too much trouble and the proactive checking and suggestions for getting the look and feel for our management consulting business we think has been just right. We would recommend their service very highly.
— Will Leftwich - WL Associates (Squarespace website design and build)
Alex was extremely professional. She quickly tapped into my thoughts and understood what I needed to tweek my original website into better shape. She listened to what was needed and advised me on making the website work more effectively to attract more customers. Alex worked quickly and accurately and packed so much work in, so that value for money per hour was extremely good. I have no reservations at all in recommending Alex to anybody wanting help and advice on setting up or improving their website. The level of customer service and quality of work provided was exceptional. Many thanks Alex!
— Virginia Ware - The Rossetti Set
(website updates)
Although I was not very clear in my own mind about the required logo design, Allie of ‘Manage My Website’ grasped the project and successfully interpreted my request and came up with a some stunning visual ideas in no time at all. Thank you so very much for a superb personable service. I will be back!
— Richie Finney - Saddle Tramp Adventure Travel (logo design)
Manage My Website designed, produced and built a fully functioning e-commerce website for our fashion brand. They were very easy to work with, professional, responsive and thorough. We were very satisfied with the final product in terms of both quality and value for money.
— Simon Russell - Couch UK (ZenCart website design and build)
We have reclaimed back our website!! With the very prompt and professional services of Alex Astell at “manage my website” we were able to relaunch our website with considerable improvements and we can now change all aspects of the site ourselves. Highly recomended.
— Rod Dix - Orchid Plastics (Squarespace website design and build based on previous website)
We are delighted with the results and now present ourselves as an innovative developer of our products in a competitive market place. All this without actually changing our manufacturing procedures. This just goes to show how image is important when being perceived. We would not hesitate in recommending Manage My Website.
— Bryan Ratcliffe - Connect Industries (branding, Squarespace website design and build, stationery design)
I used Manage My Website recently as my website was looking tired and needed a revamp. From taking the initial brief to delivering the final product, the team were dedicated to providing a top notch service with the minimum of fuss. Communication was excellent every step of the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or indeed recommend them to others. Thank you so much!
— Helen Dickinson - Dress Your Home (ZenCart website redesign and update)
What can I say... stumbled across Manage My Website once a friend had mentioned it, then within days by total coincidence needed their help, my website was lifted, re-vamped totally with brighter sharper artwork and images, up to date fonts, contact & email re-managed, least amount of fuss and trouble from me yet kept its presence, now I get more traffic than ever, more enquiries than ever, and simply more good comments than ever before!! The site is on going, and the management also on going to ensure we stay at the forefront of web tech in our field, I can only say the level of professional service provided totally exceeded the financial outlay, and I can only recommend their service ~ which I already have!!
— Derek Milner - Intransit Removals (Squarespace website design and build, web updates and maintenance)
I have partnered Manage My Website on a number of projects with design services and find the level of project management and client interface brilliant, especially when it comes to relaying key aspects of the project. At the same time, from a designers point of view, enough time is always given to keep projects moving to meet deadlines and at the same time satisfy the clients creatively. I believe that Manage My Website’s main focus is on getting the most out of the client’s budget, at the highest quality possible, with the most effective functionality and they deliver. Highly recommended.
— Adam Wyatt - Flipside Studio (graphic design partner)
As a busy hire software company with very little time to dedicate to our marketing activities, we asked Manage My Website to take over responsibility for putting together Higher Concept Software’s press releases and client testimonials on a monthly basis. Alex was happy to assist, and we’ve been very impressed with the quality of the articles written so far, as well as her professional approach. I can see that there is scope for Manage My Website to help us in a variety of other ways, and we’re currently looking into these. This company comes highly recommended.
— Katy Williams - Higher Concept Software (copywriting, press releases, MailChimp HTML email design and deployment)
I contacted Manage My Website to develop a new ecommerce website (squeakydog). The company had come highly recommended and I was not disappointed. The development took less time that I had expected and was terrific value for money. The quality of the design work and the team’s ability to provide exactly what I wanted in terms of functionality were all first class. I would recommend this company to anyone.
— David Webster - Squeaky Dog (branding, ZenCart website design and build)
I asked Manage My Website to re-vamp our outdated business logo and bring it up to date, they achieved this with good results and provided lots of different formats for our stationary & catalogue printers to use, Thanks.
— Chris Comer - Artisan Hire (updated previous logo)
Starting your own online boutique is a daunting task but Manage My Website just made it all so easy and I’m so impressed with the end result. They really understood the brand I was trying to build and worked with me step by step all the way. Would recommend to anyone!
— Nicki Grainger - The Cherry Closet (branding, ZenCart website design and build)
We worked with Manage My Website on our first project recently which entailed using their copy writing services primarily. We were extremely happy with the quality of the copy, as it was completely on brief and engaging for our audience. The speed of turnaround was impressive too and Alex was a pleasure to work with. We’d have no hesitation to work with Manage My Website again on future projects.
— Kirsty Spencer - Breath-e (copywriting for recruitment advertising and websites)
I contacted Alex for help in emailing a long list of brides to encourage them to look at our new website. Not only did she suggest various options but she managed the whole process for us and explained all the follow-up responses. We were delighted with the results and we shall be using Manage My Website again.
— David Webster - MJR Weddings (HTML email design, set up and deployment)
The thing that struck me about Alex was her total dedication to the project. Her commitment, attention to detail in building the site, clear concise copy and understanding of the market sector has made the Executive Hire Club website a vital resource for thtool hire industry! I would give my unreserved recommendation for her services. In fact, I am currently working with her on a new website.
— Steve McKenzie - Executive Hire News
(website maintenance)
Our website was designed from scratch. The time taken to complete the work was minimal, yet this did not have any detriment to the completed product. Very satisfied with the final result, and communication throughout the project was exceptional.
— Adam Chuter - P.E.T. Scaffolding (website design and build