Give Your Customers The AC/DC Factor

AC/DC live at the LG Arena, Birmingham

Last night we saw AC/DC play live at the LG Arena, Birmingham. They blew our minds. Whether you like rock music or hate it, there was no denying that they pulled out all the stops to keep their fans deliriously happy.

Props and effects included a life sized evil train, an enormous "hell's bell", a gargantuan inflatable lady clad only in her underwear called Rosie, and a six cannon salute (to those about to rock). The musicianship was second to none, with the legendary school uniform clad guitarist Angus Young playing a truly spectacular solo. As for merchandise, everything was on offer - from flashing Angus devil's horn headbands to a variety of t-shirt designs, badges and sweat shirts. By the end, a couple of people in our group who hadn't yet converted to rock declared that it was the best concert they had ever been to.

Which brings me to my point. You might be wondering what this all has to do with your business. AC/DC's fans, i.e. their customers, paid good money for their tickets and expected a good show. AC/DC are known as live performers and their tickets were selling for as much as £190 on eBay. What the fans actually received was an outstanding show, with all the familiar AC/DC hallmarks and more.

The evil looking train, the bell, Rosie, the flashing devil's horns and the tongue in cheek humour were all in keeping with the group's branding, and would have been instantly recognisable whether emblazoned with their logo or not. AC/DC's performance was second to none, and combined with the props, lighting and pyrotechnics, every person in the arena left the venue with a guaranteed grin on their face.

And that's what creates a successful business. Don't just give your clients what they expect. Give them the earth.

  • Make sure your branding is memorable and instantly recognisable
  • Give your business an image and tone that provides it with a personality and not just a faceless corporate identity
  • Ensure that your website, advertising and marketing communications fit with your brand at all times
  • Treat your customers with respect and provide excellence in customer experience
  • Exceed your customers' expectations
  • Make it your mission that each and every client you deal with ends up with the same satisfied smile as the AC/DC fans after the gig, and spreads the word.

And there ends our sermon. Good luck!


on 2009-10-29 07:07 by Allie Astell

It's come to my attention that a lot of fans looking for AC/DC merchandise are finding this article in the search results - we can only apologise! We don't sell AC/DC merchandise, but we do have a pair of the flashing red horns which we will never be parted with...