10 New Year's Resolutions for 2011

New Year 2011

Now that 2010 is almost at an end, it's time to make those all-important resolutions for the brand new year.

Here are ours:

1. Exceed our clients' expectations at all times. Many of our customers have also become friends for this very reason.

2. Give our clients as much control over their websites and hosting as possible so that they never feel that they're totally dependant on us.

3. Keep up with all matters web and social media-related to ensure that our service offering remains fresh, innovative and interesting.

4. Read up on all design and development news. Make sure we learn something new every day that we can pass our knowledge on.

5. Continue to provide those little extras that people love. For example we try not to charge for every little change or question. If it only takes a minute to send a quick response or tweak a setting, we'll do it for free.

6. Be honest and open about charging. If we ask for a budget, it's not to allow us to squeeze as much as we can out of our clients with minimum effort - it's to ensure you get as big a bang for your buck as we can muster!

7. Never become a "one trick pony". We will always look for the most appropriate suppliers, platforms and bespoke systems to meet our clients' needs, whether the project is an e-commerce website, service website, blog or directory.

8. Never blind our customers with science - always be clear, concise and use layman's terms. Web design isn't a dark art!

9. Always acknowledge emails and return phone calls promptly.

10. Maintain our "out of hours" service within reason. If a client has an urgent request or issue on a Saturday morning or late one weekday evening we will do our best to deal with it if at all possible.

I'd like to wish our customers and colleagues a very Happy New Year. May 2011 be healthy, happy and full of untold promise!

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