Instagram vs. Snapchat Who Will Win The Bloodbath?


Native New Yorker Valerie Michalecki is an unashamed social media addict who always keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of what's hot on the internet. 

When she's not checking her timelines, she's selling unicorns and drinking G&Ts on the beach in her second home on Egypt's South Sinai peninsula.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to main event of the night! In the category of Platforms for Instant Photo and Video Sharing on Social Media, here at the Manage My Website Arena in New York, NY. Presiding over this match we have our judges, Valerie, Valerie, and Valerie, and the referee, Valerie.

In the sunset-colored corner we have Instagram, weighing in at 300 million active daily users worldwide, hailing from Menlo Park, California, the reigning Photo Sharing Social Media Platform Champion of the World.

And in the yellow corner we have Snapchat, weighing in at 100 million active daily users worldwide, hailing from Venice, Los Angeles, California, who is here to reclaim their stake on Stories.

Instagram vs Snapchat Logos

Instagram vs. Snapchat: User Popularity

Instagram is still insanely more popular than Snapchat, with over 300 million active users per day, and 500 million active users per month. Snapchat is falling short with 100 million active users per day.

Not to mention, users who are active on both platforms tend to have a larger following on Instagram. So it would make sense that a Story, be it a video or a photo, that must be captured instantly should be captured on Instagram, where a user would get more views. But just because it makes sense, doesn’t make it true. I for one, hardly ever watch my Stories feed on Instagram, but am eager to see what my Snapchat friends have in store for me every day.

Plus, the kids love Snapchat. For whatever reason, it’s just not that cool anymore to be super active on Instagram and Facebook, and there’s been a rapid decline in usage by the younger crowds. But Gen Z seems to never get tired of that damn dog filter and will Snap in their flower crown selfie all day and night for their loyal friends.

Winner: DRAW

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Face Filters

Snapchat is killing it with the face altering filters, surprising us with at least one new and fleetingly exciting filter every single day. From Olympic themed gold medals spewing from the mouth, or Voguing like Madge on her birthday, or just looking like a gross pineapple-head, you can really count on Snapchat for good laugh and something to look forward to every time we open that app.

It’s been weeks now and Instagram still hasn’t debuted the MSQRD filters we’ve all been waiting for. Come on, we need more lipstick choices and cheek bone enhancers! 

Winner: Snapchat

Instagram vs. Snapchat: User Discovery

One of the most intriguing features of Instagram is their Search & Explore page. Here is where you’ll find content that is curated based on people you already follow and photos you interact with. It’s eerily accurate based on your tastes, and resembles a black hole in which you can get sucked into, scrolling on for hours and hours. Instagram also has a new feature that will generate users you may want to follow, sort of like that how-did-you-know-I-went-on-a-bad-date-with-him-that-one-time-seven-years-ago, completely creepy “People You May Know” feed on Facebook. Hmm, wonder where Instagram got that idea from? And you can view their entire Instagram feed as well as their Story, even if you don’t follow them. Be careful though, lurking is dangerous and your ex’s sister’s best friend’s new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend will be able to see that you watched her Story. But this also means that Instagram Stories might do better with bloggers, models, celebrities, and businesses.

On Snapchat however, the only way to see someone’s Story is if you’re friends with them. Even if Snapchat does come up with some kind of Discover feature, it might be too late.

WINNER: Instagram

Instagram vs. Snapchat: User Friendliness

I’m going to toot my own horn a little bit here and say that I’m completely brilliant and totally with it, most of the time. But when I joined Snapchat, it was the first bit of new technology that actually made me feel old. I had to ask my 19-year-old brother for some pointers on getting around Snapchat, which he thought was hilarious. So, if I had trouble figuring it out, then I can’t really say that Snapchat is the most user friendly app I’ve ever had the pleasure of downloading.

Instagram is so super easy to figure out, there aren’t too many bells and whistles, it’s pretty straightforward, and all the icons mean what you would think they mean. Since it’s so much easier to use the Stories feature on Instagram, users (especially new users) may be more apt to prefer it to Snapchat.

WINNER: Instagram

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Data Usage

I check my Instagram anywhere between 650 and 4000 times a day. There’s never been an issue with data consumption, even while watching videos.

I blew through a 7g data plan in less than 2 weeks as soon as I started actively using Snapchat.

WINNER: Instagram

My money’s always been on Instagram (ahem, Facebook), but the underdog is definitely putting up a good fight.

So there you have it, folks. It looks like it’s a total knockout win for Instagram this time. While Snapchat is rolling with the punches, I still think Instagram hit them below the belt with their new Stories feature. I can’t imagine Snapchat throwing in the towel altogether. Let’s hope for a rematch when the next new thing hits!

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