MMW Spotlight: Kirsteen Mahmoud, Business Support

Kirsteen Mahmoud

My position at Manage My Website is: 

Business Support. Essentially I help Allie and Donna with day-to-day admin, such as responding to enquiries and keeping track of emails and various work projects. I also help to build MMW's online presence through social media and blogging.

The best thing about working at Manage My Website is: 

I love that I have the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever I want. The term ‘Digital Nomad’ is used a lot these days and it refers to individuals who use technology in order to work remotely and live a nomadic lifestyle - I guess I’ve been a Digital Nomad since I moved to Egypt in 2012 as I don’t work in a permanent office, I just take my laptop and work in different locations. I mostly work from my flat here in Dahab, however if I want a change of environment I’ll go to a local bakery or beachside restaurant and work from there for a few hours. I guess I’m not really ‘nomadic’ though as I’m now permanently based in Egypt, although sometimes I go back to the UK for a few weeks at a time. It’s great that I can do my job regardless of wherever I happen to be!

The best job I’ve ever had is: 

I’ve been very fortunate as I’ve had some amazing jobs over the years. Before I joined MMW I worked as a Travel Consultant for various adventure travel companies and I loved planning exciting holidays for people. 

The worst job I’ve ever had is: 

In 1996 I spent a year in Australia on a working holiday visa and I had a few awful temporary jobs including grape picking in Mildura and working as a silver service waitress at posh events in Melbourne. I hated both of those, but the worst job was when I worked in a factory in the outskirts of Sydney for about 3 weeks - I had to stick labels on VHS videos and then box them up. It was mind-numbingly boring, but at least I managed to save some money and then I continued with the next part of my Australian adventure.  

My personal mantra is: 

Never Give Up (it’s actually my husband’s mantra but I’ve adopted it over the past few years)

Never Give Up

I’m happiest when: 

My husband has an evening off work and we cook food together and then snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV. 

I’m proudest of: 

My decision to move to Egypt to marry my husband who I’d met whilst on holiday. It was a huge leap of faith, but I’m so proud that I had the strength of character to do it as it was the best decision of my life and I’ve never been happier. 

In my spare time I like to: 

Read, relax in the sunshine, swim in the sea, catch up with friends and drink wine. 

Dahab Egypt at sunset

The top 3 highlights of my life are:

1.    Volunteering in Mombasa for 2 months in 2009
2.    Buying my flat in the UK
3.    Moving to Egypt and marrying my husband

People would be surprised to know: 

It took me 5 attempts to pass my driving test. I started having lessons a few days after I turned 17 and I finally passed my test when I was 32, hence my mantra is Never Give Up!

If I could do it all over again, I would: 

Try to worry less. 

Favourite memory: 

I have fond childhood memories of going to the ‘Gas Works’ beach (officially known as Hollicombe Beach) between Torquay and Paignton with my family and all our friends. We’d take cool boxes filled with food and drinks, wind breakers, sun umbrellas, buckets and spades, and inflatable boats and lilos, and we’d stay there from morning until dusk. Happy days indeed! 

Pet peeves: 

Ignorant and rude people. 

Favourite song, film, book and actor:

Song:  You’ve got the love – The Source, featuring Candi Staton

The Notebook

Book: One Day by David Nicholls
Actor: Idris Elba

Best holiday I’ve ever had:

In 2010 I came on holiday to Dahab and I met my husband. I definitely did not expect that 18 months later I would move here and marry him. 

Before I die, I would like to:

Travel the world with my husband.