How To Edit Your Entire Squarespace Website Using Your Mobile Device

Editing a Squarespace website on an iPad

Until now we've always thought it was impossible to edit our clients' Squarespace websites on our iPhones, iPads, Android device and tablets but now we've discovered the perfect way to do just that. 

Imagine you're out and about at a meeting, on holiday, or have just left work and you suddenly remember an important update that just can't wait. It might be an embarrassing spelling mistake (inappropriate apostrophe anyone?), a change in your terms after a customer flagged up an issue with them, or if you’re a web designer perhaps a client urgently needs you to remove that old association logo they've been displaying or risk being fined a cool £5,000. Whatever the situation, it's likely to be pretty urgent, but your main computer, MacBook or laptop is chilling in the office, Piña Colada in hand, while you're panicking about what to do without it.

To quote Squarespace directly, these areas of Squarespace aren’t optimised for mobile:

  • Pages
  • Design, Style Editor (excluding the Site Title, Site Logo, Announcement Bar and Mobile Information Bar panels)
  • Commerce areas, like Orders and Customers
  • Analytics

But there IS a solution. And this isn’t an advertisement or affiliate marketing, we promise...

You need to check out an app called Parallels Access which offers fast, simple, reliable remote access to your computer from anywhere. All you need to do is download the app to your computer, smartphone and tablet, set it up to allow access, and Bob’s your uncle. Your iPhone, android phone, iPad or tablet will allow you to see and use your desktop, software and apps exactly as they appear on your computer, and you can change the display according to the device that you’re using. 


You need to bear in mind that your computer will need to be left switched on at your home or office, and you also can’t let it sleep. But security wise you can set it to lock so that nobody can see when you’re accessing it remotely. All they’ll see is a black screen and they won’t be able to use your computer. 

We’ve been testing it with our Squarespace websites and it works a treat - you can create a page, set up blocks, drag them to place them, add your alt tags, and create new products and blogs. There are still some trials to conduct as time goes by, but so far so good. Parallels Access has passed every test we’ve tried so far to edit our websites on our mobile devices and tablets.

iPads and editing Squarespace websites
Editing Squarespace website on an iPhone
Parallels Access on mobiles
Adding new pages Squarespace mobiles

As well as Squarespace, we’ve used Photoshop, our accountancy platform Freeagent, and we’ve easily edited Word and Excel in exactly the same way as we would on our computer and it’s been a breeze. There’s so much potential here.

Obviously there are apps for all of the above including Squarespace so that you can be productive when you’re out and about, but sometimes the desktop view is preferable for numerous reasons. 

Parallels Access costs £14.99 per year but you get a free 14 day trial to try it out. What’s not to love?

If you've decided to give it a go, we'd love to hear your thoughts or if you need help drop us a line.

Updating your Squarespace website on a mobile device