What will Christmas bring for MMW this year?

In our last blog, we put four of our clients on the spot to find out what Christmas will bring for them this year. In the spirit of never asking others to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves, we’ve put our own Allie and Donna in the spotlight this week.

2018 has been an exciting year professionally and personally for both of us. MMW has been busy; we’ve been involved in some great projects with some amazing clients and we want to thank you all for placing your trust in us. We’ve also had some fabulous people join our team and we feel privileged to work with some of the best in the business.

We’re very excited to see what dizzy heights we can reach in the next 12 months. 2019 sees MMW’s 10th birthday so look out for news of offers, events - including a Squarespace Workshop in Bath early in the new year - and a few surprises in the coming months.

Of course, we’re now on the countdown to Christmas when we can all have a very well-earned rest, relax with family and friends, and have fun.


Allie Astell, Founder of Manage My Website with Sofian Nour.JPG

This Christmas is going to be a very special one. My Egyptian husband and I moved from the deserts of Sinai Egypt, to beautiful Bath, UK last June. So this will is our first festive season together in Blighty with my family. It’s going to be fantastic to take a break from work (as much as I love it) and then come back recharged and refreshed for whatever 2019 brings. ‘Tis definitely the season to be jolly!

Allie Astell's Garden in Bath UK


Donna Bateman, MMW's Business Manager in New York

I’m going the non-traditional route for Christmas this year, and I’m spending it in Dahab, Egypt. So no nut roast, Quality Street or Queen’s Speech for me, although I still expect Wham! and Fairytale of New York to be played pretty much on a loop! The water is too cold for me to take dip in the sea (honest, Guv!) but I’ll definitely be soaking up the sun rays in amazing surroundings counting every one of my blessings. Cheers!

South Sinai Desert Egypt

And that leaves us only to say…. wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.

Much love Xx