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Check out this exclusive offer for your hair salon, spa or beauty business as Manage My Website goes to the Prom!

The Prom, you say?

Yes, 15 years after I graduated from high school, I finally went to The Prom. And in honor of my Adult Prom, we’re excited to be offering up a stunning, perfectly tailored Squarespace website for any beauty industry business at a jaw-dropping discount. Check out our Portfolio to see the range of projects we've worked on.

So What’s the Story?

As you probably already know, in America, the high school prom is considered a rite of passage for many. It’s the end of an era, and you get to feel like a real adult and go totally glam with all your best friends before heading off to college or stepping out into the real world. You see it movies and television shows, there are songs and books about it… it’s The Prom for goodness sake. This definitive moment is surely not one to be missed!

Unless you’re me.

squarespace beauty salon website

I can’t really say why I never made it to my prom, I don’t think there’s actually a good enough reason. But I will say that I do regret missing it. I mean, how often in life does one get to wear a gown, get their hair, nails, and makeup done, and dance all night long in fancy ballroom?

Okay, so technically I still didn’t go to The Prom. But 15 years later, and having never stepped out in a gown, not even on my own wedding day, I was honored with an invitation to the The Queen’s Royal Ball in Cairo. So naturally, I considered this my Adult Prom.

The Lead Up

In preparation for my Adult Prom, I made various appointments across the city to enhance my beauty for my big day. Of course, there was the spa first, then the nail salon, which was followed up by hair appointment, and finally a private session with a professional makeup artist. Go big or go home, right?

Valerie goes to the Prom

Valerie's Prom ready

Making these appointments wasn’t such an easy task. I had to seek out various recommendations from friends and strangers living in Cairo. I scoured the internet for hours in search of information that just wasn’t available. It reminded me of my time in New York, where it would often be the same case. Reputable salons and spas didn’t have an internet presence. Freelance beauticians, estheticians, makeup artists, and the like would gain most of their business from word-of-mouth recommendations. This kind of work is so important for so many women the world over, and it’s a business that will never become antiquated.

Spa website Squarespace

The Big Reveal

The gorgeous beauty website on offer was created by MMW’s founder, Allie Astell, who never went a prom either!

This fully responsive Squarespace website is equipped with 12 pages, plus a blog section. It’s perfect for presenting your portfolio, giving information on the services that your beauty business offers, sharing valuable testimonials, and booking appointments.

A site of this quality would set you back £7,000 or $9,000. It could all be yours for at least 50% off depending on what you're looking for.*

Interested? Get in touch with us today via our contact form or at And hurry up, this offer will get snatched up faster than your nails dry!

Squarespace hair salon website

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