Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary As Squarespace Experts

Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary As Squarespace Experts

By Allie Astell - Founder of MMW

I’m incredibly excited to announce that this month, April 2019, heralds Manage My Website’s 10 year birthday!

The moment that I sat down in 2009, building my first ever Squarespace website in the kitchen on my very dated little white MacBook (see the top left picture with our previous pink and white branding) seems so long ago now.

Social media was in its infancy back then too. Twitter and Facebook had only been available to the general public for 3 years, and of course there was no Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat. I set up the two accounts, began to post (with not much of a clue as to what to do on Twitter although I did enjoy following Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s exploits!), and slowly built up my client base.

This was done by networking locally as well as via friends and Twitter, offering extremely well-priced web design in return for the opportunity to learn more about the business I’d chosen to go into and the intricacies of using Squarespace. In those days I was using Squarespace 5 - a very different kettle of fish to the slick and polished version of the platform we’re using these days.

So much has happened over these past 10 years, and MMW has been lucky enough to work with some truly remarkable clients. We’ve built hundreds of websites, trained countless people to build their own sites and helped many to bravely plunge into the daunting world of social media, online marketing and SEO.

I’ve shared my time between Bath and London in the UK and Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt since early 2011 and it’s through being an early “digital nomad” that I met the friends and professionals who would help me build up MMW to become what it is today. More on that later…

Please do check out details of our Squarespace workshops coming up in May and June.

We’ll be running a very special contest in the next few days to celebrate this landmark month and year… look out for updates on our social media channels, especially if you’re a charity or non-profit!

Oh and we might enjoy a nice slice of birthday cake of course. Rumours that it’s going to be a batch of my famous Nutella brownies are yet to be confirmed.

All that leaves me to say is a big thank you to my family and the people I’ve worked with over the years. MMW wouldn’t be the same without your hard work and input. To quote an ancient and vastly underused saying, “you rock!”.

Donna Bateman
Ruben Paul
Mark Williams
Fiona Nickless
Kirsteen Mahmoud
Valerie Michalecki
Moses Sangobiyi
Joachim Rotteveel
Hannah Lynch
Martyn James
Laura James
Adam Wyatt
Carys Tait
Eli Twinks

Matt Malone
Chris Barker
Ben Robinson
Emma Hayter
Sofian Nour
Jenny Sowerby
Geoff Plant
Mark Sowerby
Ali Rogers
Claire Geldard
SimSim (Egyptian office cat)
Dora (occasionally borrowed Bath office dog)