Announcing The Winner of our Free Charity Squarespace Website

Miss Maggie's Supper Box Squarespace website

In April 2019 MMW celebrated our 10th anniversary, and as we’ve always supported non-profits and charities, we decided to run a social media contest for this sector, with a free 5-page Squarespace website as the prize.

The winner of the competition was Deborah Mason, who founded Miss Maggie’s Supper Box Fund. Dedicated to an elegant, elderly sighthound named Miss Maggie who was rescued from horrific conditions in 2012, their aim is to raise funds for old age lurchers and sighthounds over the age of 8 who find themselves in a rescue.

Why is it called the supper box fund? Well every night before bed Miss Maggie and her partner in crime Mr Duskey would always wait patiently for Deborah to produce their supper box, which was a plastic box filled with their favourite treats. This was a favourite time of day for both of them, and Maggie used to do an excited little jig on her wobbly legs at the mere mention of it.

As a tribute to these special rescued lurchers, their virtual supper box now sends treats, money to help with vet fees, coats, joint supplements etc. to older sighthounds in rescue.

The recently registered charity already had a Wix website, however Deborah was happy to have it overhauled from top to bottom on Squarespace, requesting a special Looking For Homes area, the ability for people to donate more easily with Gift Aid as an addition, and an Events page to be launched in the future. The brief was also to maintain a soft, gentle look and feel, using the pink of Miss Maggie’s favourite coat as a constant theme with other colours that complement it.

We chose the Hayden template for this one, and you can see the final result and donate if you wish to at

It’s been a pleasure working with you Deborah and we wish you the best of luck with a truly inspiring and important cause.

Styled contact from Hayden template
Miss Maggie's Supper Box iPhone view
Charity website built on Squarespace
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This was the charity’s previous website, built on the Wix platform.

Previous Wix website